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Renewable Energy Solutions

•FB Group is considered one of the leaders in the renewable energy sector in Jordan. We design, develop and deliver innovative renewable energy solutions that produce an optimum system handled from A to Z, making sure of providing quality and cost effective services to our valuable Clients.

•Our vision is to successfully advance the renewable energy into the Jordanian markets, working with developers to make the process commercially viable for all concerns. From that belief we have engrossed ourselves with all what renewable sources have to offer for producing energy.

•Not only in Jordan; we explore opportunities of renewable energy projects and expand its reach to the whole MENA region, especially Iraq, Libya and Sudan.


Renewable Energy Solutions

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Solar Energy


Wind Energy


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Solar Lighting



Client Capacity BOT / EPC Net Metering/Wheeling Year Awarded Commercial Operation Date
Awarded, Under Execution
Ministry of Energy & Mineral Resources
Investment Opportunities in Renewable Energy Projects – Stage 3
100 MW, Wind PPA with GOJ PPA Pre-qualified for the EOI phase, May 2017

Awaiting Launching the Tendering Phase

Al Hussein Bin Talal University, Ma’an 20 MW, Solar BOT (20 years) PPA Awarded, Feb 2016(Under PPA Stage) Expected Q1 ,2018
Handed Over
Ramadan Mosque, Amman 22.68 KWP, Solar EPC Net Metering Mar 2018 Mar 2018
Private Resident – villa, Irbid 9.45 kWp, Solar EPC Net Metering Nov 2017 Nov 2017
Al Hussein Technical University 6 kWp, Solar EPC Off-grid (Donation for education and researches purposes) October 2017
Irbid Specialized Hospital, Irbid 800 kWp, Solar EPC Net Metering Awarded, Sep 2016 October 2017
German Jordan University, Madaba 2.11 MWp, Solar EPC Net Metering Awarded, Sep 2016 October 2017
Jumha Mosque, Irbid 13.23 kWp, Solar EPC Net Metering Sept 2017 Sept 2017
Private Resident – villa, Amman 9.45 kWp, Solar EPC Net Metering Aug 2017 August 2017
Civil Defense Directorate, Al Tafila 1.1 MWp, Solar BOT (43 months) Wheeling Aug 2016 August 2017
General Directorate of the Gendarmerie Forces Solar lighting poles ————– ————– Jul 2016 ————–
Al Hussein Bin Talal University, Ma’an 3 MWp, Solar BOT (10 years) Net Metering Apr 2016 June 2017
Private Resident – villa, Amman 22 kWp, Solar EPC Net Metering Feb 2017 March 2017
Hashemite University, Az Zarqa 5.063 MWp, Solar EPC Net Metering April 2015 June 2016
Ministry of Energy & Mineral Resources, Amman 35 kW, Solar EPC Net Metering Jan 2015 Apr 2015
Water Authority of Jordan, Amman PV Water Pumping
————– May 2014 July 2014
Ministry of Education – Swefieh Girls School, Amman 4 kW EPC Net Metering 2013 2013


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