Our Services


Project Development

We develop the project starting from the conceptual stage, study it's feasibility, deploy the needed technology, design the project and secure needed financing.



We have full technical and financial capabilities to provide turnkey solutions and handle the project until final handing over to the clients by our in house resources

BOT – Build, Operate, Transfer

We finance, design, construct, own, operate and maintain the project up to 10 years through local banks financing (supported by Central Bank of Jordan), and up to 20 years by international financing. Ownership transfers to the client at the end of the contract.

Project Management

We have a dedicated in house project management team with experiences in managing projects planning, designing and implementation, of more than 10 - 25 years on personnel's level, and over 12 years on corporation level.

Operation and Maintenance

a) Remote Monitoring & Controlling: For the plant components, activities, power generation, performance ratio, specific yield, faults, warnings and error messages, through our advanced and specialized SCADA system.

b) Corrective Maintenance: All faults acknowledged by the SCADA monitoring systems or during periodical inspections, promptly checked on site.

c) Preventive Maintenance (planned and scheduled): Advance planning of technical activities, related to plant components and surrounding environment, periodically performed according to the best practices, components operations and manufacturers instructions, environmental, health and Safety laws and all prescriptions applicable to the plant.

Planned Visual/Instrumental Checks: Strictly related to plant components visual inspection and checking plant parameters using top market testing equipment.

Environmental Operations: 1- Solar modules cleaning: Scheduled cycles using specialized cleaning machines.

2- Weeding: Removal of unwanted plants to avoid shading on the solar modules and loss of efficiency.  Rodent control